Definition of Yoga


Yoga is a word which comes from the Sanskrit language. It includes the process of controlling breathes, prescribes body positions, and helps the person in meditation.

It is not important that if we are not suffering from any illness, than we are perfectly well. If we have a healthy body with a healthy mind and have a peaceful soul than we can have a perfect body which is under our control, this means if we say that we are well from inside, not from medicines but from a natural process that we call a yoga.

Our health is only well when we take care of it, through meditation. Meditation should not get confuse with word medication. To being healthy you need keep your mind, soul and body healthy.

When we say that we are well than we not only mean that we are well from our body, or from our heart, we mean that we have used our energy in right way. This means that we have not wasted our energy but utilized it in a good way.

The food we eat, the air we breathe in, the water which we drink and there are many other things which has surrounded us from all sides are not pure. Everything is a mixture of impurities. We come through it daily which is inviting illness to our body. The things which we are coming in contact daily from morning to night are not proper.  But, we can overcome it, if we make yoga as our daily routine.

Through medication we only become well for a certain period of time, but through meditation we become well from deep inside. Yoga works as a magic for us. If we do not know the origin of electricity, than we only think that it is a magic that we get light after switching on. Yoga has really made our mind set, that if we do it regularly, than we have experienced it from our soul and mind.

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