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Nutrion Coaching

Meet  theTeam

Living Your Optimal Life Starts Now!

Welcome to the start of your new journey!  We are Jeff Simpson and Tara Clements, the coaching team from Health Mind Soul Lifestyle & Wellness, PN1 Nutrition Certified Coaches, and true believers in healthy living. We are on a quest to help those looking for positive change in their lives. Through a healthy lifestyle, we know you can live your most optimal life. 

What's included in your program?



You can sign up for one month of nutritional coaching or an entire year or somewhere in between! I suggest at least 3 months to give us time to make some significant changes and begin to see progress. You can add to your program at any time!


Each program will include:


- 60-minute initial assessment (video or phone call)

- assessment of current lifestyle, nutrition, and eating habits. 

- assessment forms will be emailed to you within 24 hours of purchase

- please return the assessment forms to your coach within 48 hours of the           initial call to provide sufficient time to review the information provided

- First steps plan after the initial call to include goals outline and action steps

- Personalized individual custom nutrition plan to meet YOUR nutrition               needs, goals, food preferences and lifestyle

There is no one size fits all plan when it comes to nutrition!

- Weekly check-ins (email or text)

- Adjustments to current goals and action steps as your progress 

- Add new goals as you achieve your initial goals

- Provide education and awareness of food and nutrition 

- Guide you towards a healthier lifestyle

- Support & accountability from your coaches Jeff & Tara

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