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Jeff Simpson

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

Catalyst Athletics Level 1

OlympicLifting Coach

PN Certified Nutrition Coach L1

IAP Certified Wellness Coach

Ashworth College Career Diploma in

Nutrition, Diet, and Health Science

 I'm Jeff Simpson, I would describe myself as a father, husband, fitness fanatic, nutrition junkie, and soul searcher.  Over the past several years I've found a new zest for life. Excited to get each day started with joy and enthusiasm. I stay active in CrossFit as a member and CF-L1 trainer. I love to practice meditation and enjoy reading a good book. Thanks to my beautiful wife, we have also ventured into nutrition coaching and created our own guided journal. I'm so passionate about what we're doing here that I recently wrote a book Health Mind Soul: 8 Steps To Finding Your Inner Peace in pursuit of bringing greater awareness to the amazing wonders life has to offer.  


My goal is to provide the support, information, and motivation you need to achieve and maintain your goals. I am committed to helping you realize and unlock your full potential. One size does not fit all! I'm setting to support optimal health and well-being along with necessary life changes that will enable you to achieve and maintain your health and life goals.


Life is about the Health Mind Soul connection, keep living your most optimal life!

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Tara Clements

PN Certified Nutrition Coach L1

IAP Certified Wellness Coach

I'm Tara Clements, a healthy living consultant, journal writer, cross-fit lover, wife & mom with Big Dreams. 


I didn't always have this lifestyle. In-fact, just years ago you could have found me working in Marketing & HR chasing the corporate latter. I thought I had found my dream career, working the 9-5 race, but my dreams quickly started to fade. 


One night at a girlfriends house over a glass of wine, she told me about a new online health & wellness opportunity. With many hesitations and fears of what others would think, I decided this could be the opportunity to bring back my dreams of living life to the fullest. 

Today you can find me working away in a cozy home office in the most comfortable yoga pants, doing school drop off & pick up, heading to a gym, driving to sports, trying new recipes, getting to the beach as much as we can and spending time with my hot husband. 

Wanna know what lights me up? Helping people look and feel their best on the inside & out! It makes me so happy when I see other people living their best life, thriving in optimal health, and absolutely loving their life. 

If I can be that permission granter to tell you that you're worth it, your Dreams can come True and your health matters, while the rest of your mindset is provoking doubt.. then I'll consider my job done.


Here's to living our best life together! 

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