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There is a buzz about MindBodySoul connection, but it is still answered in clear way. What is it and where is it? How do you find it? Read on below to get all your answers. The first thing first is you are born with the mind, soul and body and it exists within you. We all are a soul, body and mind. In fact, most of us are aware of our mind and body, which indirectly communicate to each other. So now the question is where does soul gets connected??  Well, when talking about mind and body, we are serving our tangible aspect of
life, that is, soul. Soul is within us who are barely visible to us but keeps are body and mind going. The mind, being the consciousness of our existence, is the Soul (it is the composition of thoughts, emotions, and conscience). Being in equal balance between the three is automatic by virtual of being alive. It is not something you have to strive to accomplish. The body does the will of the soul (conscious mind) by the power of the mind. Body is the physical existence of living things and soul is the thing, which keeps our physical
existence alive where on other hand mind keeps wandering to strive the balance between these two.

The body, mind and soul are known as system of energy. The flow of this energy is not constant and depends on our present state of mind. They help to raise our consciousness, self- awareness and help you realize our purpose of life. While maintaining the balance between these three, one may be able to elicit the meaning of life that may allow you to live happy and stress free life.
Let’s understand these words in a depth now:

Human Mind

Mind is the mechanism that works between the body and soul. It is the intellect that one posses. All parts of your brain are included in mind. So, the mental body or the mind consists of our feelings, emotions and desires. It comprises of three parts: • The conscious mind: here we are aware of our existing thought process. • The sub-conscious mind: it takes hold of the things and happenings that ever happens to you. • The unconscious mind: it is the part where thoughts are out of the sub conscious and conscious mind. One is completely unaware of those feelings.

Human Body

Body-it is the physical being that god has gifted us. It has got different kinds of organs that help you sense and react. Through these senses we connect to outside world. It is made up of organs and cells that consists carbohydrates and fats. Unlike soul, it can be destroyed and is controlled by human mind. It is the physical image of you that has 5 elements in it. Our body is reality of material without which soul and mind are considered immaterial.

Human Soul

Soul- it is the inner being. It lives forever and is indestructible. It is the original spiritual form of you. It is having full faith in your belief. It consists of emotions and spirits, the spiritual existence that one leads. Soul, which is you fills the space. It is the divine energy and is an aspect of physical being which gives us vitality. It is known as your inner self, the ‘I’ that lives in the body and act through it. The aim of soul is salvation ( moksha). Through this, we connect with our God, people and our self. Soul is divine and is driven by inner energy, love and wisdom.